Mike Malloy (Django Lives!) as PETER DILLER

Lover of the ocean and its creatures, Peter Diller is a marine-biology major with a career in teaching at UNCG. While both adored and abhorred by his students, teaching is not his dream job, he's neutral about his life, until one fateful day when a shark terrorizes his life.


L.J. Sargent (Every Dog) as SHERIFF FRANK HAMMER

Sheriff Frank Hammer is an experienced cop on the hunt to find two men who harmed his family many, many years ago. While up to his neck in the investigation of the shark attacks, he realizes that the two men are closer to him than he thinks.


Randall Oliver (RoboCop & Rugaru) as FRANZ BOYD

Franz Boyd, a literal shark in a suit, is the ruthless kingpin of the south. Upon being ripped off by a former collaborator, he enlists the aid of his brother and apprentice to go collect what's rightfully theirs.


W. Scott Parker III (The Polar Bear Club) as DR. IAN WEST

A world-renowned marine biologist ruined by his poor life choices, Dr. West is on the run trying to remain hidden from men who want him dead. However, it will be much harder than he could have ever possibly imagined.


Keith Rafalko (Iron Man 3) as MICHAEL SORENSON

Drunk by day, passed out by night; Michael (Mikey for short) is a locally renowned fisherman with a short temper. Despite his unpleasantness, he's the best there is and will even sabotage others to make sure it stays that way.


Gary Pezzullo (Fix It In Post) as SAMUEL R. LEWIS

A man who's heart is where his wallet is, Sam Lewis is the mayor's right-hand man who is in too deep, and too much of a pushover to change his ways. While the mayor is on vacation, Sam decides to try to run the town himself, even if it means covering up the shark attacks.


Lucas Cardona (Holy Matrimony) as MATTHEW BOYD

Brother and henchman to Franz Boyd, Matthew is a combative businessman who is sent to Vicarstown to collect some money from a not-so-honest friend. Upon arriving in town, his criminal record begins to slowly catch up with him.



The Waterbridge name has been prominent in Vicarstown for generations. John C. Waterbridge is Vicarstown's newly re-elected affable mayor. Whilst on his vacation, the shark strikes! Upon returning to his town during a time of need, he realizes things aren't as they seem!