RetroVision Entertainment is run and operated by some of the biggest film aficionados in the United States.

They all strive to do the very best they can to produce quality products for the company, and the customer.

BRANNON CARTY co-founded the company in 2013. Since childhood, Carty has been immersed himself with films and television shows, especially ones pertaining to sharks.


Carty is also the main editor and mixer of most of the film and menus in RetroVision's catalog.


Carty is currently hunting down many more titles to be released in the coming months. He likes to spend his time writing short films, and is always looking for new ways improve his skills in the film industry.


NICK MANISCALCO co-founded the company with Carty. For many years, he has been inundating himself with vintage films, shows, and formats.


Maniscalco is RetroVision's technical adviser, and oversees that every little bit of film is in it's correct format, from frame rates to color levels, and the transferring of film masters to their correct state.


Maniscalco enjoys watching and studying film techniques, new and old, and also spends his free time researching and restoring classic television shows.


NICK BIGSBY is RetroVision's art & advertising director.


With years of experience editing photographs and film, Bigsby oversees the process of gathering of art files, to finalizing the artwork for DVD/Blu-Ray covers and menus. 


Bigsby enjoys spending his time writing short stories and researching all things pertaining to trains & railways.



BRANNON CARTY immersed himself with films since childhood, of which he attributes to seeing the summer blockbuster JAWS (1975) for the first time. After viewing and researching film upon film, rare or readily available, from collectors around the globe, CARTY saw something pleasing about these long-lost cult films. Thus, the idea for RetroVision was born.


In 2012, CARTY approached vintage film researcher NICK MANISCALCO to discuss the possibility of opening a DVD / Blu-ray distribution company. After about year of discussion and gathering funds, RetroVision Entertainment, LLC was formed.


To this day, RetroVision Entertainment is continuing to collect and restore cult-classic films and television shows to their original glory for the entertainment of those who have a passion for film.